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What is Psyllium?

Psyllium comes from the Greek word ‘psylla’ meaning a flea, because the seed resembles a flea. This herb is a bulk laxative that increases the volume of the intestinal contents. The major component of psyllium is mucilage. The seeds and the husk are hydrophilic bulking agents which swell several times greater than their original size in water.

This increased bulk creates a stretching action on the wall of the intestine that stimulates peristaltic activity in the bowel, The indigestible mucilage is found both in the whole seed and the husk and swells when it comes in contact with water. This property has been used in diet aids to fill the stomach and intestines, as a bulk laxative and also works in diarrhea by forming a bulk that will slow down rapid, loose stools.

Its drawing action makes it a good base for an internal poultice. When psyllium is taken with water or liquids and when six cups or more of fluid are taken with psyllium in a day, the psyllium acts as a bulking laxative by swelling in the intestinal tract. This aids in standardizing the habitual bowel movement, preferably a bowel movement with each normal sized meal.

Benefits of psyllium:
The Psyllium husks are a lubricating, mucilaginous, fibrous herb with drawing, cleansing, laxative properties. The husks acts as a "colon broom" for those suffering with chronic constipation.. This process of the use, made by an intake of Psyllium seed hull, is effective for inflammatory diverticulitis, as a lubricant for ulcerous mucosal lining tissue, a balancer and regulator for digestive enzymes and colon bacteria.

When taken properly internally, Psyllium helps overcome chronic constipation. Psyllium has a unique action in the bowels as it can act as a demulcent or emollient, it can be used to either stop diarrhea or to do away with constipation, depending on the technique used. These hydrophilic bulking qualities have made it popular for weight loss programs as it fills the gastrointestinal tract with a bulk that is mostly calorie free, thus doing away with the urge to eat and helping to reduce excess weight.

Different Usage:
In India, Psyllium has been used as a diuretic, and in China, related herbal combinations are used to treat bloody urine, coughing and high blood pressure, etc. These get results due to the healing abilities of the body when the colon waste is removed and the body is allowed to gain better health, which in turn aids in all bodily areas.

Psyllium used in the above described manner will relieve a physical condition described as autointoxication, in which the body due to an indecent intake of wrong foods and food combinations and other unhealthful habits, poisons itself by producing and reabsorbing an excess of intestinal waste products. The proper use of Psyllium, as described above, helps over a period of time to remove the offending substances. Health and well-being are the result of properly following these described procedures.

Psyllium used in a proper manner, is an excellent cleanser for the intestines and colon. It also acts to lubricate, moisten and heal the intestinal tract. Psyllium is very moisture absorbing, so it is essential always to take over 8 glasses of water daily with it, as it expands, and it would be advantageous, even essential, to use an herbal laxative with it.

Psyllium’s soluble fibers prevent cholesterol absorption, It has insoluble fibers that have a scrubbing action as they pass through the intestines ridding it of old excess intestinal debris. Psyllium removes putrifactive toxins from the intestines, and adds bulk to the stool which absorbs toxins, soothes inflamed tissues, promotes the growth of friendly colon bacteria and reduce time thru the colon.

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