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What is Ribose?

Should you buy Ribose supplements? Ribose is one of the newer nutrients brought to the attention of the general public by recent research. Ribose is now known to be an integral part of the energy production of the body.

Most of the current research is in the preliminary stages, but there is much hope that it can help with daily good health practices as well as help those with certain afflictions. If you are considering buying Ribose, you should take a few moments to get some general background information on this important nutrient.

What Is Ribose?
Ribose is made from glucose within your body, and thus is a naturally occurring sugar and a major component of RNA. RNA is the most important carrier of information in your body.

Ribose is also essential in the makeup of ATP. ATP is a compound in the body that stores and delivers energy to every cell in the body. Even though ribose is a sugar, it has no caloric value and is not considered a protein, fat or carbohydrate.

Who Could Benefit From Ribose Supplements?
Ribose supplements are used by many bodybuilders and athletes to increase energy during workouts. It also helps athletes to not feel so sluggish and tired after a workout and helps with recuperation between workouts. Though few take pure ribose supplements, ribose is an ingredient in many energy drinks and bodybuilding supplements.

Ribose has significant importance in the treatment of various illnesses. There is much hope for those suffering from congestive heart failure that ribose can help them live a more comfortable life. Ribose appears to help the function of the heart and restores energy to those with congestive heart failure.

Those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome can also benefit from ribose supplements. As ribose is a natural energy source for the body, it can help to energize the body of someone with chronic fatigue syndrome and do so without the after-effects of carbohydrates or caffeine.

Possibly those who can benefit the most from ribose supplementation are those who suffer from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a sometimes debilitating illness that has symptoms of painful skin sensitivity, sleep problems, weakness in the limbs, and muscle spasms to mention only a few. Though Ribose is not a cure, it can help to treat and limit these painful and life altering symptoms.

Does Ribose Have Side Effects?
Side effects from ribose supplements are minimal and generally non-existent. Those side effects are occasional light headedness and diarrhea.

The recommended dosage of ribose is not to exceed 5 grams, 3 times per day and always with food. You should keep in mind that ribose is an ingredient in energy drinks and other supplements, so you should adjust your dosage accordingly.

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