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What is Royal Jelly?

For centuries, beekeepers were puzzled by something they noticed in their hives. The eggs laid by the queen been are identical to each other. Most of these will hatch into larvae turn into ordinary worker bees, but a few hatch and the larvae then change into queen bees.

But now the secret is known the way to transform an ordinary bee larva into a queen bee is the semi-miraculous royal jelly. While all bee larvae get a little bit of royal jelly, this substance is the only food for the developing queen bee larvae no ordinary honey, nectar or pollen for Her Majesty-to-be.

When you think what royal jelly does for bees, its incredible. Instead of a smaller and infertile worker, a fully fertile and much larger queen bee with a longer life is produced.

What is in royal jelly consists of?
For a start, youll find the B-vitamin complex, along with crucial growth-promoting amino acids. As royal jelly is a complete food (for a bee, anyway), it contains essential fatty acids, including 10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid (10-HDA) and 3,10-dihydroxy-decanoic acid (3,10-DDA).

Benefits for Humans:
While royal jelly doesnt have quite the same effect on humans that it does on bees (otherwise, youd find super-large super-fertile and long-lived humans walking around), royal jelly certainly has some incredible health benefits for humans.

Royal jelly has been reported to have a beneficial action in many areas, ranging from fertility to skin tone and anti-aging. Topically applied, royal jelly is proven to help in wound healing; taken as a capsule, royal jelly can assist in lowering cholesterol.

According to research published in The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, royal jelly was found to have tumor-inhibiting properties, while other studies have found it to have an effect in reducing hypertension and as an anti-inflammatory.

Oral Cremes:
Royal jelly is a popular ingredient in top-quality face creams, as the collagen precursor in royal jelly is reputed to have an improving effect on skins overall appearance.

Additional Benefits:
The list of things claimed for royal jelly just goes on and on. Nearly every user reports different beneficial effects of taking royal jelly as a dietary supplement. The very extensive list of effects that users have reported includes:

  • improved fertility and sexual function,
  • improved mental alertness and function,
  • reduced fatigue,
  • improved immune system,
  • anti-depressant properties,
  • improved weight loss,
  • anti-inflammatory properties,
  • anti-aging properties (its worth a try, even if some of the claims are over-hyped),
  • improved skin and hair appearance,
  • improved liver function,
  • many, many more!

Safety & Precautions:
However, royal jelly might not be for everybody, as those who are allergic to bee stings may react to royal jelly as well, and those with other allergies, hay fever or asthma may need to proceed with caution.

Where to buy:
To buy royal jelly capsule without spending a kings ransom (i.e. at discount prices), buy royal jelly here from the HOUSE OF NUTRITION.

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