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RU-21 Dietary Supplement's Dietary Supplement RU-21 20Tabs

RU-21 Dietary Supplement's Dietary Supplement RU-21 20Tabs
RU-21 Dietary Supplement's Dietary Supplement RU-21 20TabsRU-21 Dietary Supplement's Dietary Supplement RU-21 20Tabs
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RU-21 is an all-natural formula specifically formulated to assist the body's ability to process alcohol, including wine, liquor and beer, so you can live healthy and wake up in the morning feeling clear and refreshed.

While moderate consumption has been linked to certain cardiac benefits, to some people even small amounts of alcohol may pose health risks that go beyond awful mornings. It is a scientific fact that it is not alcohol that causes these problems, but a by-product of the way the body metabolizes alcohol.

Metabolism of alcohol is a process during which toxic by-products occur that may cause both short-term and long-term negative health effects. The deciding factors may be the person's age, gender, race, individual genetics, physical condition, etc. For more information on the health implications of alcohol metabolism, please read the NIAAA's (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) Alcohol Metabolism Alert.

In short, in addition to being a "social lubricant" alcohol is a substance that requires a careful and balanced approach.

RU-21 was formulated to be an important part in such a balanced, health-conscious approach to alcohol.

RU-21 was developed and clinically tested at the Russian Academy of Sciences, one of the world's foremost institutions in the field of alcohol research.


RU-21 is one of the world's most trusted brands used by millions of people on all five continents. Consumer satisfaction and word of mouth have been the driving forces behind RU-21's success.

How Do I Take RU-21? RU-21 is formulated to support the body's ability to metabolize alcohol, which means interfering in a metabolic process.

Therefore, for best results it is important that you take RU-21 at the time of alcohol consumption.

Take two pills before your first alcoholic drink, and two pills after your last drink. However, because individual metabolisms vary, modifications of these directions are acceptable. In studies, 1 tablet per 2 drinks was shown sufficient for most males and 1 per drink for most females.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C activates anti-oxidant systems of the central nervous system, liver and hormone-active tissues and supports the adrenal gland cortex, which produces anti-stress hormones.

Succinic and Fumaric Acids: Succinic and Fumaric acids are substrates which are crucial to alcohol metabolism, and important in the Krebs cycle. Succinic and Fumaric acids boost the aerobic oxidation process in mitochondria by activating the second half-cycle of tricarboxylic acids. Succinic substrate, which is independent of NADH-dehydrogenase, prevents the toxic byproducts of ethanol metabolism from causing hypoxia, which often results from the accumulation of suboxidized metabolites, and from impeding NADH oxidation in the respiratory chain of cells.

L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine speeds up the mitochondria-cytosolic malate-aspartate shuttle, which plays a key role in the course of toxic byproduct development. It also speeds up the succinate oxidation process (by preventing oxalic and acetic inhibition of succinate dehydrogenase). In addition, it transforms itself into a-ketoglutarate during a rapid oxidation in the Krebs cycle. The proper concentration of L-Glutamine positively influences glutamate and GAMC synapses in the brain, improving coordination and inhibition processes.

Dextrose / Glucose: Dextrose slows down the ethanol oxidation process into the toxic byproducts of ethanol. Dextrose rapidly oxidizes in cytosol of liver cells, and uses the same cytosol NAD pool used by ethanol to convert into the toxic byproducts, thus creating a deficit of cytosol NAD needed for the reaction and slowing the conversion process.

Warning: Heavy drinking can lead to irreversible damage to your health. Moreover, the same toxins that contribute to your hangover over time may cause premature skin aging, damage to DNA and a host of other alcohol-related health problems.
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