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What is Sage?

As far back as Roman times sage has been thought to have magical properties. The Romans thought that it would bring them immortality and the Arab cultures believed it would bring an increase to psychic powers. Even the Greeks thought that sage could make you witty and wise. During the Middle Ages, doctors of that time used sage to treat fevers, memory loss and eye conditions.

Reap the many benefits from something that is in your spice rack right now. The Latin name for sage is salvia which means to heal.

Benefits & Uses:
There have been many benefits to your health associated with sage. It is a known antioxidant, which are important to our bodies for fighting off the effects of free radicals. The research into sage has shown that the oils in sage have a very beneficial antibacterial property. It can be used as an effective antiviral and antifungal treatment. It also has the ability to relieve tension and headaches as well as to settle frayed nerves.

You can add this delicious and healthy herb to your favorite recipes for a wonderful treat. You will be creating a wonderful recipe and delivering many health benefits as well. Imagine cooking a meal that can improve your memory. There was a study that showed the memory enhancing benefits of sage.

People throughout time have used this herb to treat such common conditions as sore throat, mouth inflammations and gingivitis. You can even chew the leaves to clean your teeth and keep your gums strong. You will find that it is one of the ingredients in modern toothpaste.

Sage as an ailment:
Sage is used to alleviate respiratory infection, nasal congestion, coughs, tonsillitis and sore throats. It helps with indigestion and with the liver.

Sage plant root is used in several different herbal preparations. In Chinese herbal medicine, this root is made into a tonic, which is commonly used for moving" blood that is stagnant. Hence, this herbal remedy is especially useful for women undergoing menstruation and during times of heart problems, including angina. The sage plant root is considered to be a sedative and cooling

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