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What is Shampoo?

The word shampoo was added to the English language in the year 1762. The word implied massage, which means kneading or pressing the muscles.

Initially, shampoos were made by boiling soap in water and adding herbs to it to impart health and fragrance to hair. Shampoos were originally considered to be similar to soaps because they were made from surfactants, which is a detergent.

However, shampoos soon evolved as hygiene products specifically meant for hair. Unlike soap, shampoo has a rich and delicate bubbling ability that enables easy rinsing. It is mild on skin and eyes, doesn't damage hair, is low on toxicity and it is more biodegradable.

Shampoos contain synthetic surfactants that can be made in different varieties for different hair types. The surfactants present in shampoos help clean the hair by stripping sebum. Sebum is naturally occurring oil that coats the hair, thereby making it vulnerable to collect dirt and scalp flakes.

Also known as wetting agents, these surfactants or "Surface Active Agent" present in shampoos lower the surface tension in the liquid with which they are mixed, thereby making spreading easy. The surfactants are anionic, cationic, non-ionic and amphoteric.

The hair-cleansing mechanism that using a shampoo enables is complex. When applied to wet hair, the hydrophobic tails of the anionic surfactants are absorbed onto the hair shaft, while their negative heads move outwards.

Non-polar materials (such as grease or oil) attached to the hair shaft get displaced. Other particulate matter is easily removed through rinsing.

Types of shampoos:
There are different types of shampoos for various hair types and for diverse hair-related problems such as dandruff, dryness and hair-loss, and healthier scalp.

Natural shampoos, with botanical or organic ingredients are the most preferred. Shampoos are not just for people; there are specialized shampoos available for dogs and other animals too.

Coarse, curly hair:
Curly hair is almost always dry hair and heres why: Oils produced in the scalp dont travel as easily down the hair shaft as they do with straight hair. We've found creamy, moisturizing shampoos work best for this hair texture. Look for wheat germ oil, shea butter and nut oils (macadamia, for example) in your shampoos. These tend to coat the hair shaft, trapping water inside.

Fine, oily, or limp hair:
Fine hair is most susceptible to looking 'oily' and can get this way after only one day. Opt for clear shampoos and stay away from the creamy ones that were made for your curlier sisters. You want a gentle shampoo marked for daily or frequent washing. The secret fine hair shampoo lies in a bodybuilding ingredient called panthenol. Hair experts swear that panthenol penetrates the hair cuticle making each strand thicker.

Another tip: Use a dry shampoo or talcum powder between washings. Not only will the powder soak up oils, but it adds body as well.

Processed hair:
Adding moisture is key for colored, permed and relaxed hair. Unfortunately, overly-processed hair can suffer from oily roots but dry shaft and ends. Therefore, washing processed hair can be tricky business. You want to cleanse the roots while moisturizing the ends. We suggest washing hair every other day with a shampoo made for normal hair. Concentrate on cleaning the scalp. Then use a strong conditioner only on the midshaft to ends of hair. Here are other shampoo tips for the following processed hair types:

Hair experts swear color-protection shampoos contain gentle cleansers and ingredients that preserve color. Other experts suggest shampoos for colored hair are just another way for companies to make money off you. They suggest using a gentle cleanser such as baby shampoo instead of the pricey specialized shampoos. We say: Whatever works for you. Don't mind paying for the fancy stuff? Then do it. If you like it, then stick with it. Dozens of products on shelves must mean they work for somebody.

Permed or relaxed:
Any moisturizing shampoo will work for your hair type but apply it only to roots and rub it in well. Then apply a quick burst of water. While the water is running down the hair shaft, massage hair to remove any dirt and grime. Rinse well. You dont want to skip the conditioner. Make sure to keep conditioner from the roots.

Dry, damaged hair:
Avoid clear shampoos and go straight for the creamy ones. These smooth, detangle and diffuse static.

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