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What is Shepard's Purse ?

The heart shaped fruits of this plant resemble the purses that people like Shepherds used to hang from their belts in the Middle Ages. During the First World War, when the standard haemostatic herbs Hydrastis and Claviceps were unobtainable in Britain, Shepherd's Purse was used as an alternative. It has also been used as a quinine substitute in the treatment of malaria. In Chinese medicine it is used to treat dysentery and eye problems.

Alternative Names:
Chinese cress, lady's purse, rattle puches, rattle weed , Nazuna,pepper and salt,St. James' weed ,case-weed, Witch's pouches, pickpocket, shepherd's bag, shepherd's scrip, shepherd's sprout, shepherd's heart, rattle pouches, blindweed, poor man's parmacettie, mother's heart, cocowort, toywort.

Irish = clappedepouch , French = bourse de pasteur,Spanish = Borsa de Pastor, German = hirtentasche or hirtenfaschel, Italian = Borsa di pastore.

Benefits & Uses:
Shepherd's Purse has been used as a remedy for centuries. In Chinese medicine, it is used for dysentery and eye disorders.To improve vision people still chew the seeds of the Shepherd's Purse . Traditionally it has been used to stem internal & external bleeding .Shepherd's Purse also used to minimize urinary tract infection & to lower fevers.

Shepherd's Purse haemostatic action is due to the presence of tyramine and other amines, and the acetylcholine, choline and tyramine have been shown to produce a transient decrease in blood pressure and haemostatic activity in vivo. It can be used to treat urinary infections with haematuria, and menorrhagia. The polypeptides have a contractile action on the uterus. It is also of benefit in the treatment of haemorrhoids and varicose veins. The flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory action and the tannins are astringent. This herb is also used as an effective treatment for diarrhea.

Uterine Stimulant.
Urinary Antiseptic.

Additional Benefits:
Shepherd's Purse work as a remedy for blood pressure problems,Nose bleeds,Irregular heartbeat,Wounds and burns, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) ,Weak heart. It can be used to promote uterine contraction during childbirth and successfully worked in cases of hemorrhage after childbirth.

Shepherd's Purse is also used as a treatment for irregular or excessive menstrual bleeding, superficial bleeding from skin injuries & headache. it's used as a remedy for swelling and urinary tract infections in Asian medicine .Internally its used to prevent further bleeding, especially during heavy menstruation, nosebleeds, hemorrhoids, blood in urine & wounds. Externally Shepherd's Purse is applied for bleeding, bruising as well as varicose veins.

Shepherd's purse contains androgenic properties.Its ability to control progesterone levels.If any women is into menopause & have been experiencing excessive, irregular bleeding or spotting, this plant will treat to regulate and increase the length of menstrual cycles until the natural cessation of menses.

Side Effects:
Consult to doctor before taking Shepherd's Purse,for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Shepherd's Purse is not recommended for person with kidney stones or kidney disease.
If person have blood pressure, thyroid gland, or heart problems ,consult to doctor before taking Shepherd's Purse.
Using Shepherd's purse may cause changes in heart rate or heartbeat.
Extreme tiredness, goiter swelling (neck) or pain, problem moving arms and legs, or skin blisters may appears with Shepherd's Purse while using.
If shepherd's purse has been put on skin it may show redness and swelling.
If taken Shepherd's Purse by mouth it may create stomach upset.
Excess doses of shepherd's Purse extract may cause heart palpitations.

Internal Use:
1. Infusion:
Steep 2-4 gm in 150 ml hot water for 15 minutes take 2 to 4 times daily between meals.
2. Fluid Extract (1:1):
in 25% alcohol: 1-4 ml, 3 times per day.

Topical use:
Steep 3-5 gm in 180 ml hot water for 10 to 15 minutes applied to injured skin.
5-8 gm, applied to injured skin.

Drink throughout the day

Drug Interactions:
None known.

Herb Pharm's Shepard's Purse

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