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What is Sleep Aid?

If you want to consider a natural sleep aid rather than sleeping pills to help you fall asleep, then read on to learn more about natural methods to send you to dreamland in no time.

A simple natural sleep aid to try is warm milk. I wouldn't say it's a miracle cure as its effectiveness does vary from person to person. The science behind milk is that it contains amino acid. This converts to a sleep-enhancing compound in the brain which can help you relax enough to drift to sleep. If you're not a big fan of milk, a soothing and relaxing caffeine free drink such as chamomile tea will also be beneficial.

It's important to be loaded with nutrients from whole foods, fruit and vegetables to maintain health. A lack of Vitamin B especially may affect your sleep, so taking a supplement may help if you're not receiving enough from your food intake. A good product containing A-Z of vitamins and minerals is recommended to give you overall health benefit. It's also advisable to check your iron level as women who are deficient in iron tend to have more problems sleeping.

Standardized Valerian extract is a natural and non addictive sedative that works by calming the mind and body. This highly pungent yet affective sedative is widely available at most health stores and pharmacies.

Lemon balm and Hops, are also soothing herbs which can calm and relax the mind and body. Taken before bedtime these natural remedies can ease nerves and calm the mind to help you drift off to sleep.

You may also want to try aromatherapy which is the use of essential oils from aromatic plants to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Through inhalation the essential oil can be absorbed into the bloodstream stimulating the production of relaxing hormones such as endorphin and serotonin. This can help you relax and restore a sense of well being, relieving stress and tension from the mind and body.

Lavender, rose and Chamomile all have soothing and relaxing qualities. Essential oils can be used in several ways, such as vaporization and massage. Try adding a few drops in your bath or on your pillow to help ease away tension and calm the body and mind before sleep.

Try following these simple ideas to help you restore a healthy sleep cycle:
Wake up everyday at the same time. Expose yourself to as much sunlight during the day as this will increase your serotonin levels and help wake you up.

Eat healthily and try to exercise in the day.

Try to deal with stress and worry. If you feel that you are not coping, take a breather and give yourself time to relax.

Home time should be a time to forget about the stresses of the day.

Unwind in the evenings and avoid stimulants such as caffeine.

Listen to some relaxing music and dim lighting to increase your melatonin levels which will help induce sleep.

When it's time to sleep, try relaxing progressively from your head to your toe. Remember it is not a time for worry or thoughts.

Taking a natural sleep aid to help you sleep is a good alternative to prescribed sleeping pills. However it's important to take note of your sleeping habits and not just rely on sleep aids to fall asleep.

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