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Slice Of Life - Omega 3 6 9 Plant Based Gummies 60 ct

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Slice of Life Omega 3-6-9 Gummy Vitamins for Adults by Hero Nutritional Products

Hero Nutritional Products Slice of Life Omega 3-6-9 Gummy Vitamins for Adults - 60 Gummy Slices

New Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins for Adults are perfect for adults who want to get their daily vitamins in a delicious, easily chewable gummy vitamin. Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins for Adults are made with only the finest of ingredients and are allergen, gluten and casein free and have all natural flavors and colors. Slice of Life are perfect for those who have difficulty swallowing or digesting vitamin pills or simply just dislike the taste of taking vitamins in pill form. Now you can transform the experience of taking your daily vitamins into a treat you will look forward to savoring every day.

Slice of Life provides you with a full spectrum of nutritional supplements for your optimum health. Try all six varieties of Hero Nutritionals great tasting, nutritious Slice of Life vitamins. Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins for Adults...Getting your daily vitamins couldn't taste any better and be any more fun!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the source of your Omegas?
A. Hero Nutritional's Slice of Life omega products are free of fish and come from Cranberry seed oil. Cranberry seed oil assists in brain development just as fish oil does.

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