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What is Smoking?

Indeed, nicotine is extremely addictive, but there are herbs that may help you quit smoking. We know you've heard it before about smokers being at risk for a wide range of illnesses and, as such, we won't go into any of those details.

However, we do understand that many smokers are afraid of what might happen if they stopped such as the intense craving for nicotine as well as the absolute fear of weight gain or the decreased ability to concentrate. Moreover, by the time an individual has become addicted to nicotine, for most, if not all, the act of smoking itself has become a source of pleasure.

Before we delve into herbs that may help you quit smoking, let's go over some of the withdrawal symptoms such as:

Difficulty concentrating
Slowed heart rate
Increased appetite
Sugar cravings
Stomach cramps
A rise in blood pressure
Intense craving for nicotine

Needless to say, the biggest withdrawal symptom of them all is the intense craving for nicotine. In fact, some authorities claim that the addition to tobacco may be harder to overcome than the addition to the street drugs heroin and cocaine. One the other hand, opium dependency has been successfully treated in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years and its one of the most difficult addictions to beat.

Nevertheless, let's delve into some of the most promising herbs that may help you quit smoking:

Avena sativa:
is derived from the wild oat plant. For centuries, healers in India used Avena sativa to treat opium addiction. In fact, among the arsenal of folk uses of Avena sativa include: narcotic addition, nicotine addition, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, and more. Several small studies suggest that it might help tobacco users kick the habit by easing withdrawal from nicotine.

is also touted as one of the herbs that may help you quit smoking. Lobelia is purported to have nicotine-like effects but is said to be gentler and longer lasting. As such, Lobelia may reduce nicotine addition. However, lobelia is considered a potentially toxic herb and, as such, it should only be used under strict guidance of a heath care professional. According to PDR Health who states: "In very small doses, Lobelia is relatively safe."

Garcinia cambogia:
is well known as a natural appetite suppressant. In addition, the principle constituent in Garcinia is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has shown to assist with the burning of fat. Indeed, for those concerned about de-motivating weight gain during this difficult withdrawal period this is one of the herbs that may help you quit smoking.

Gotu Cola (Centella asiatica):
is widely used to re-vitalize the brain and nervous system and improve memory. In addition, Gotu cola helps to enhance memory and brain function, promotes mental clarity, and is said to have a calming effect on the body and, as such, it may ease anxiety. Recent studies show that Gotu cola also improves circulation.

Other helpful herbs:

Herbs to help cleanse the bloodstream of toxins:
Red Clover and Burdock root

Herbs to help protect the liver against harmful toxins from cigarette smoke:
Milk thistle and Dandelion root

Herbs to help relieve lung congestion and coughs:
Slippery elm

It's important that you speak with a physician before taking any of these herbs that may help you quit smoking.

Nutritional Supplement-Educational-Centre's Comments

** It's important to note that nowadays there are comprehensive formula's designed to help you quit smoking. For example, the product may contain Avena sativa, Garcinia cambogia, and Gotu Cola (Centella asiatica). As such, you reap all the benefits in one supplement to ensure success and it's probably cheaper too.

Tips on Choosing High Quality Supplements:
Select a product that is produced at only pharmaceutical GMP registered facilities. Why is this important?

This is important because dietary supplements, including herbal supplements are not strictly regulated in the U.S. and, as such, manufacturers do not have to guarantee the safety, effectiveness, or even the true content of their products.

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