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What is Sodium Ascorbate?

The health benefits of taking Sodium Ascorbate are remarkable and have far reaching implications for many health conditions. Following a Sodium Ascorbate regime over a period of around 12 months or so, will tend to completely rebuild the structural integrity of your body via collagen renewal.

This includes your arteries thus reversing the development atherosclerotic disease, helping to prevent heart attack, also resolving hardening or blocking of the arteries and helping to prevent stroke due to arterial or vascular rupture. In addition sodium ascorbate has a leading role to play in the elimination of chronic and acute infections.

Why do we need Sodium Ascorbate?
The GLO Gene is absent in many people, scientists believe that this happened around 60 million years ago. The absence of this gene makes us unable to biosynthesise a specific enzyme L- gulonolactone oxidase. This is an end stage liver enzyme that bio-converts blood glucose to Ascorbate, this means our bodies cannot produce any Ascorbate. In the long term, a lack of Ascorbate causes our bones to dissolve and teeth to fall out - in other words sub-clinical scurvy and a tendency to development of cancer.

Ascorbic Acid has mistakenly been called Vitamin C - it is actually a liver metabolite rather than a vitamin. It is produced in large quantities in almost all animals, e.g. 6 grams a day in a goat, or up to 100grams daily if the goat is stressed. But it is not Ascorbic Acid that our body requires, rather a SALT of Ascorbic Acid.

A daily supplementation of Ascorbate several times a day is a simple way to make up for this genetic defect. Ascorbate is also essential for the hydroxylation of the amino acid Proline which forms hydroxyproline - a major component of collagen. Collagen is an essential structural protein in the body accounting for around a quarter of all the protein in our bodies and is critical to the structural integrity of our bodies.

Linus Pauling PhD (Twice Nobel Laureate) stated "It is highly probable that most people in the world would only receive 1- 2% of the amounts of Ascorbate that would keep them in the best of health". Research

In the 1970s, Dr Irwin stone released a classic book "The Healing Factor - Vitamin C Against Disease" - this is unfortunately no longer in print. Dr stone dedicated his life to researching the benefits of multi-gram consumption of Ascorbate and was the author of over 120 scientific papers including over 50 on Vitamin C. He received many awards and honours during his lifetime.

In the 80s he published a paper "Scurvy, the most misunderstood epidemic Disease in 20th Century Medicine", this paper has considerable implications for cancer patients. "Because of the poor and inadequate full correction of the human defective gene for GLO (too little Ascorbate daily intake), every cancer victim was born scorbutic, after a 9 month intrauterine bout with scurvy.

This poor correction, due to grossly inadequate daily intakes of Ascorbate, continues throughout the lifetime of the victims, exposing them constantly to the deleterious physiological insults of Chronic Sub clinical Scurvy (the CSS Syndrome). This is a large factor in the genesis of the cancer.

How Much Sodium Ascorbate is Required?
Every individual is different; the amount will depend on personal physiology. Everyone has an ideal dose that will be discovered through an element of trial and error. By ingesting a series of incremental does every four hours, your body will reach a tolerance level known as the Bowel Tolerance Threshold.

This is a state where the tissue cells have become fully saturated with the maximum amount needed for the body to heal itself. The Bowel Tolerance Threshold is not diarrhoea as it is not acidic and will not create the burning associated with diarrhoea. At this point, the dose is reduced by small amounts to come below the threshold. We recommend that you begin with half a teaspoon (approx 1 gm); each subsequent does should be increased by a further half teaspoon. The increases should not exceed this amount.

The four hourly regime does not need to be continued during the night, simply begin again in the morning. This regime can be followed preventatively for long term tissue and organ healing.

The following people should take Ascorbic Acid instead of Sodium Ascorbate:
It is a myth that Sodium per se will raise blood pressure, but for a very small minority of people who are truly hypertensive, sodium MAY raise blood pressure, dependant on many factors including the ratio to potassium, in such cases ascorbic acid can be taken instead of the salt of ascorbic acid. It should be noted that sodium ascorbate contains only 10% sodium.

Anyone deficient in Gastric HCI (stomach acid) (if taking more than approx 3 grams a day).
Anyone diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.

** An interesting question arises when researching sodium ascorbate, how much are our various health disorders underpinned by chronic ascorbate deficiency and related metabolic stress?

Relation of Sodium Ascorbate and other forms of ascorbate to bioflavonoids:
Bioflavanoids work with pure vitamin c (ascorbate in various forms) to produce more and more complete anti-oxidant. It would seem logical that the addition of sources of bioflavonoids to the diet or as a supplement with complement and broaden the action of sodium ascorbate.

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