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Spectrum Essentials - Norwegian Fish Oil (1000 mg) 250 Softgel

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Fish Oil Omega-3 by Spectrum Essentials

Spectrum Essentials - Fish Oil Omega-3 1000 mg - 250 Softgels

Spectrum Essentials Fish Oil Omega-3 1000 mg contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Spectrum Essentials Fish Oil Omega-3 1000 mg comes from non-threatened species of wild-caught, small, plankton-feeding fish (anchovies, mackerel and sardines) that are low on the food chain. Harvesting these types of fish also ensures that our oil tests below acceptable limits of harmful contaminants set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and other advisory agencies. Spectrum Essentials Fish Oil Omega-3 uses only the purest fish oil with a naturally occurring ratio of 18:12 EPA to DHA.

  • EPA supports heart health, reduces inflammation and improves cellular integrity
  • DHA supports memory and nervous system functioning.

Where are EPA and DHA found?
EPA and DHA are found in mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, sablefish (black cod), anchovies, albacore tuna, and wild game. Cod liver oil contains large amounts of EPA and DHA. Fish oil supplements typically contain 18% EPA and 12% DHA, though more purified (i.e., higher in EPA and DHA) fish oil supplements are sometimes available. In addition, DHA is available in a supplement that does not contain significant amounts of EPA.

Who is likely to be deficient?
So-called “primitive” diets have much higher levels of EPA and DHA than modern diets. As a result, some researchers and doctors believe that most people who eat a typical western diet are likely to be consuming less-than-optimal amounts of EPA and DHA. To a very limited extent, omega-3 fatty acids from vegetable sources, such as flaxseed oil, can convert to EPA.

People with rheumatoid arthritis have been found to have decreased levels of omega-3 fatty acids, such as are found in fish oil, in their joint fluid and blood.

The Taste of Goodness

Simply put, we're passionate about healthy fats. Spectrum started over twenty years ago with the purpose of making healthy oils available to the American public. That commitment and vision hasn't dimmed one bit. Whether artisan olive oils and trans-fat free spreads, or supplements like Flax Oil and other essential lipids, we're committed to bringing you the best there is.

Tradition and Innovation

Being a leader often entails forging new paths. Sometimes that means improving on the standard, like creating new packaging to better preserve delicate Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Sometimes it means using traditional methods-- like expeller pressing and other natural processes. Learn more about what lies behind these terms and how they affect the product, the planet, and you as a person

Dedicated Stewardship

Everything we do has an impact on the planet. At Spectrum, we strive to make the gentlest impression possible and, if we can, leave it in a better state then when we began. Here are some of the ways we're doing just that.

Spectrum has recently joined in the boycott of the Canadian Fishing/Seafood Industry against the killing of baby seals and wishes to acknowledge the overwhelming response we've received to thank us for our support. Please know that our limited resources make it impossible to respond to each and every one of you and that we feel and appreciate your support, by virtue of the tremendous outpouring of human emotion over this tragic practice. Thank you for joining Spectrum in our crusade of good stewardship, and in our efforts to help make the world a better place.

Health and Vitality

All of us need healthy fats in our diet. Some, like the Omega-9 Fatty Acid found in Olive Oil, are produced naturally by our bodies. But two, Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids, are an essential part of our health and must be obtained through our diets—our bodies simply can’t make them on their own. Here’s where you can learn more about the role of fats in your diet, and find information on the impact fats can have on issues specific to you.


How do I know if an oil has gone rancid and what should I do if it has?
Rancidity is easy to detect, but it is often confused with the intense flavor characteristics of unrefined oils. The odor of a rancid oil will be distinctly stale, and you may experience a gag-like reaction as you consume the oil.

Many unrefined oils, such as extra virgin olive, sesame, peanut, safflower and corn, have naturally intense flavor characteristics and a higher level of micro-nutrients than those that have been refined. Good extra virgin olive oil, for example, should have a pungent taste with a peppery finish, both of which are indications of naturally occurring polyphenols, the strongest anti-oxidants found in nature and the secret to the Mediterranean Diet.

If you are certain that a Spectrum product is rancid, return it to your retailer for credit. We guarantee the quality of our products, and will credit the retailer through their distributor.  Every bottle of Spectrum culinary oil receives a production and lot code date, and retained samples are kept for analysis in the event of a problem.  We have done extensive shelf stability testing over the years, and can proudly say that in our 18 years of bottling oils, we have never had an incident requiring a recall.

How do I know Spectrum Oils are safe?
Culinary vegetable oils do not contain sufficient moisture to sustain food-related bacteria and viruses, making them the safest food class available. We follow the FDA issued food process standards for vegetable oils as well as all Good Manufacturing Practices.

Should I refrigerate my Spectrum Essentials Oils?
All Spectrum Essentials Oils should be refrigerated to maintain and preserve the integrity of the oils. Light, heat and oxygen are all elements that gradually degrade the quality and nutritive content of the oils. That's why most Spectrum Essentials products are found in dark, argon-flushed bottles in the refrigerated section

Should I refrigerate my Spectrum Naturals Oils? What is the best way to store them?
Refrigeration is not required for our oils, but it does keep them fresher for a longer period of time. We recommend refrigeration for all of Spectrum's culinary oils with the exception of our Coconut Oil, which is very stable due to the amount of saturated fat in the oil.

  • Frequent Use: If you use the oil frequently and will go through it quickly—-within two months for example—it's fine to leave it in in a cool, dark place. Once opened, its best to consume within 60 days.
  • Extended Storage: If you plan on using your oil infrequently, you may want to consider refrigerating it to extend its freshness and shelf life. Please note that many oils with a high monounsaturated fat content, such as olive oil, will partially solidify if refrigerated. This does not harm the oil, but it does make it inconvenient. To re-liquefy, simply allow the oil to return to room temperature.
  • The Details: Proper storage is important in maintaining the integrity of the oils. Heat, oxygen, and light are the most common damaging elements for oils. The more natural an oil, the more protection it needs. Spectrum Culinary Oils are properly sealed in glass bottles, without oxygen trapped at the top (oxygen initiates deterioration), and are quite stable until opened. Breaking the seal lets in atmospheric oxygen which begins breaking down the oil. You can slow this process dramatically by refrigerating your oils once you've opened them.

To ideally safeguard the nutritive value and longevity of your oils, keep them in a cool (40° F to 72° F), dark cupboard until opening, and then store them in your refrigerator. Storage under these conditions provides a shelf life of 10-14 months for unrefined oils, and 14-20 months for refined oils.

What is Olive Oil cold pressing?
It might surprise you to discover that the United States does not set standards for olive oils. All Spectrum olive oils conform to strict IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) standards for freshness and flavor. Olives used for our products are crushed at low temperature and the oil is left in its unrefined state to provide maximum flavor and nutritional benefit. Because the oil is unrefined, it is not suitable for use at high heat levels. For higher heat cooking, use High Heat Safflower or Canola Oils.

Are Spectrum products certified organic?
All of Spectrum's organic products are certified organic by third party certifier Quality Assurance International (QAI). QAI is regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). All organic certifications are regulated by The National Organic Program (NOP). The NOP regulations provide a national list of allowed and prohibited substances for contact with or use in organically processed products. QAI conducts annual inspections of growers and manufacturers to assure compliance and keeps detailed records.



Spectrum Organic Products is the nation's top-selling brand of organic, expeller pressed culinary and nutritional oils. The company consists of two main divisions, Spectrum Naturals and Spectrum Essentials.

The Spectrum Naturals line of culinary oils and vinegars includes more than 30 varieties of seed, nut and plant oils including coconut oil, as well as vinegars, mayonnaise products, salad dressings, spreads, cooking sprays and trans fat free shortening, many of which are organic. In the Naturals product line gourmet food lovers will find extra virgin olive oils from Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco and California, each one estate grown and produced in small batches, as well as the Artisan collection of organic mayonnaise with Olive Oil, Roasted Garlic, Dijon and Wasabi varieties. For optimum heart health, Spectrum Naturals now offers an Omega-3 Olive Oil. The company also offers more than 90 culinary oils and related products to the restaurant and foodservice market.

Spectrum Essentials is the company's line of nutritional oils including over 20 distinct products aimed at supporting good health by providing essential fatty acids like omega-3 and other vital nutrients. The Essentials line features a variety of flaxseed oils including a complete vegetarian omega-3 blend, Flax Oil with DHA.  Spectrum Essentials offers flaxseed oil in both liquid and capsule forms as well as whole, ground and roasted varieties of flaxseed, a flax fiber powder supplement, fish oils and an exciting line of vegetarian DHA products for pregnant or nursing women and children. The DHA in these products is sourced from algae. Spectrum Essentials has recently added Organic Virgin Coconut oil to compliment the existing Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil for skin and hair. This 100% mechanically expeller pressed naturally unrefined virgin organic coconut oil comes from fresh coconut meat and contains 9g of medium chain triglycerides (MCT)s per serving.

Since its founding in 1986, Spectrum has been both a category leader and an industry innovator. In 2000, Spectrum was the first to introduce all-vegetable shortening containing no hydrogenated oils and zero trans-fats. In 2004, Spectrum relocated its flax processing facility to Cherokee, Iowa, establishing one of the largest plants of its kind in the U.S. This joint venture between Spectrum and an agricultural cooperative of family farmers of flaxseed ensures both a steady supply of high-quality product and supports sustainable agriculture and the family farm movement.  Spectrum also contributes to the alternative bio-fuels industry by providing a bio-fuel research cooperative with the excess canola oil used to clean processing equipment.  In 2007 the company was the first to offer a children's vegetarian DHA supplement made without fish oil.

Most significant is Spectrum's contribution to the market for products containing omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's), commonly known as "good fat" becausethey support the health of the veins, arteries and heart, as well as the hair, skin and nails. In addition to traditional fish sources of omega-3, Spectrum has led the industry with flaxseed products that offer a comparably effective vegetarian alternative to fish oil. There are no trans fats in any Spectrum product and no hydrogenated fats are used.

As a science-based company, Spectrum sets the industry standard for accurate nutritional analysis and labeling of its products. The company's commitment to product integrity begins in the orchards and farms where it sources raw materials and extends to the processing facilities, where it avoids harsh, toxic or harmful chemicals. Spectrum demands the same rigor of its suppliers, and maintains strict quality control through its national distribution network, going so far as to randomly test products on retail shelves.

Other Details

Days To Ship:
1-5 days
250 Softgels
2 Softgel(s)

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