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What is Taurine?

Taurine, often referred to as an amino acid, precisely 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is not part of the human bodys structural proteins neither is an essential amino acid. It chemically reacts with glycine and gamma-aminobutyric acid as a neuroinhibitory transmitter and remains free in the tissues and bloodstream.

Taurine is one of the amino-acid-like compounds that are found in abundance in the heart, the skeletal muscles and the nervous system. It is also found in bile, chenodeoxychloic acid where it functions like an emulsifier of dietary lipids in the intestine, boosting digestion. This is the scientific definition of Taurine. You might be interested to know the way Taurine functions in human body.

Taurine is a derivative of the L- Methionine. Most of the amino acids have L or D configuration, which means that the molecule when put into a solution would either rotate towards right or the left. Some derivatives of Taurine do not polarize; therefore they do not have an L- or D- configuration. Synthetic Taurine can be produced from Isethionic Acid, which is produced as the byproduct of Ethylene oxide and Sodium Bisulfite.

Taurine and Human body:
Taurine has various physiological roles and benefits that have actually gained it the importance that it receives today in the food and health sciences all over the world. These are the few ways Taurine effects Human body. As stated earlier that Taurine is a metabolic transmitter that has detoxifying effects and when the body undertakes excess physical exertion and the fails to produce any more Taurine and that actually is kind of a deficiency.

It is a common ingredient in most of the health drinks though research says that it hardly gives any kind of energy. Probably it is added as an ingredient since it enhances cardiac contractility and also raises exercise capacity.

Taurine is found abundantly in the infant dietary supplements as those babies who are born premature lack the enzymes required to convert Cystathionine to Cysteine, thus become deficient in Taurine. It is also present in breast milk of most of the mammals.

It also plays a major role in the human brain and researches show that it can be beneficial for people who are patients of Bipolar disorder or in simple words, manic Depression. In some researches it is seen that Taurine has an anxiolytic-like effect and acts as a modulator or an anti-anxiety agent in the human nervous system. It is considered that Taurine can be found in the developing brain but its concentration declines after the process of development.

Taurine is also used to treat heart diseases and also helps those people greatly who suffer from congestive heart failure. They are recommended a dose of three to five grams everyday. Besides this, it also acts as a therapy for Hypertension and high cholesterol. Studies have proved that the presence of Taurine also has decreased the level of blood sugar thus an effective medicine for Diabetes.

It also helps in treating people who are suffering from the addiction to alcohol. If given one gram thrice each day for seven days, then it might bring a huge change in the tendencies of alcoholic individuals. Taurine also has a major role to play in the body of cats. Cats cannot synthesize this particular compound causing the cats retina to slowly lose its power, which results in eye problems and irreversible blindness.

It can also cause heart malfunctions in the body of the cat. L-Taurine can be found in various food supplements in which capsules or tablets of the same are made wherein it is combined with several herbs and nutrients so that the effects can be enhanced.

There are various advantages of this compound but before intake it is better to consult a physician since it reacts differently in different individuals.

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