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What is Tooth Care?

Digestion of food, according to medical experts, starts from the mouth. Most of the foods we eat are first chewed with the teeth before they move to other parts of the body thus making the teeth a very vital part of the digestive system.

Imagine what the eating habit of human beings will look like if the teeth are not there. Apart from the handling of food, the teeth add beauty to human. Imagine what you will look like if you have no teeth and you are laughing. The importance of dentition to human cannot be overemphasized.

Teeth change:
Infants have a set of teeth known as milk or baby teeth. This set of teeth is usually twenty in number. It is also called temporary teeth because it will soon be replaced by the permanent teeth which are usually 32 in number. The teeth help the little child to chew certain food materials that would have been difficult to handle with only gums. The teeth are very important to both infants and adults.

Tooth decay:
Tooth decay is the most common problem of the tooth. It is medically known as dental caries. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria which attack three parts of the teeth including the enamel, dentine (dentin), and cement (cementum) by converting glucose, fructose and sucrose into acids such as lactic acid through a process known as fermentation. It creates hole in the tooth thus making the tooth to be painful and/or bleed.

Tooth decay is very dangerous because it may lead to loss of one or more teeth. It can also lead to death at critical stage.

Prevention and care of teeth: One way to prevent tooth decay is oral hygiene. Research has shown that many people across the globe don't take their oral health very seriously as many people only brush their teeth once in a day. It is recommended that you should brush your teeth twice daily. Use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash because the fluoride ions are capable of protecting the teeth from bacterial attack.

It is highly recommended that you brush your teeth after each meals especially after breakfast and before retiring at night. Brushing the teeth at night is important especially if you normally eat sweet food at night before going to bed.

Research has also shown that limiting the frequency of consumption of drinks with sugar can help one to prevent tooth decay. Nursing mothers are advised to stop sharing utensils and cups with their infants to prevent transferring the bacteria that cause tooth decay from their mouth to their babies.

Medical research by top class dentists has proven that milk helps to prevent tooth decay if eaten soon after the consumption of foods potentially harmful to teeth. Also, chewing gums that contain xylitol can help because bacteria don't make use of the substance.

Take proper care of your mouth by brushing your teeth regularly. Avoid such foods that attract bacteria to your teeth. Consult your doctor whenever you feel that you have toothache.

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