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What is Toothpaste?

There are hundreds of thousands brands of toothpastes are available in the market, it is obvious that not all brands are suitable to everyone for brushing their teeth. Therefore, selecting a suitable toothpaste is necessary. It may also happen even the quality toothpaste you are using for brushing may not work for some, but an ordinary one might. Therefore, read reviews about each toothpaste that you want to use. After reading reviews you will be able to make right decision.

Whitening toothpaste:
Toothpaste that claims to whiten your teeth is one of the first steps everyone makes to try and get a whiter and brighter smile. However, these toothpastes does do not actually bleach your teeth. Instead it's more of a way to either help reduce surface stains caused by coffee, smoking, tea or foods that can stain. If you have already undergone a whitening treatment, a toothpaste is a great way to help prevent and slow down future discoloration and staining.

It Doesn't Contain Hydrogen Peroxide:
Almost all whitening toothpastes do not contain hydrogen peroxide or any bleaching solution, which is the primary ingredient needed to bleach your teeth. Instead they contain mildly abrasive particles and when combined with scrubbing with a toothbrush scrub debris off the surface of your teeth. Many time they will also contain polishing agents to help give you what appears to be a brighter and whiter color. Very few that do contain hydrogen peroxide but in minute quantity.

Organic toothpaste:
Going green encompasses more than recycling or driving a hybrid vehicle, it may also mean purchasing all natural organic products that are safe for the environment and bio degradable.

But helping the environment is not the only reason why one should use organic items. Studies indicate that individuals who primarily use all natural products have fewer food allergies or rashes and are healthier than those who are not.

Even simple organic maintenance items, like toothpaste, can have its advantages.

Why use Organic tooth paste:
Over the counter tooth pastes can be extremely gritty and harmful to the teeth, eroding the enamel at a far faster rate with prolonged use. On the flipside, organic toothpaste is soft and causes no injury to the enamel. And last but least not many chemicals added.

Although modern toothpastes are generally safe, they are not intended to be swallowed. Fluoride is toxic in large doses and excessive amounts can cause fluorosis in children which is characterized by black and brown stains as well as cracking of the teeth. This usually occurs between the ages of three months to eight years. People with a sensitivity to salicylate, a plant acid, can often gain relief from the uncomfortable side effects by changing the types of toothpaste that they use. The mouth absorbs chemicals very easily, so reducing harmful chemicals absorbed by the mouth can be greatly beneficial to eliminating your body's allergic reaction to them.

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