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About Udo's

Udo's Choice Products are a family of food blends offering individuals an ideal program for increasing energy levels, improving digestion, stimulating the immune system, and managing weight.

Udo Erasmus, Ph.D., introduced the importance of essential fats (EFA's) derived from organic flax seeds to the world. He pioneered methods for producing unrefined oils made with health in mind which are still used today by manufacturers of flax and other oils. Starting in the mid-1980's, Udo popularized the use of flax oil through an endless number of public lectures, which eventually led to TV and radio interviews. His groundbreaking book, Fats that Heal Fats That Kill, became the industry's bible on fats. Later he developed an oil blend which is an improvement on flax oil, offering a better ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6. This oil blend contains everything we need from fats and nothing we should avoid. It is found in health food stores, packaged in amber glass bottles placed within a box.

In a nutshell, Udo is the reason there are high quality, unrefined flax oils and other important seed oils found in refrigerators in health food stores and in health-minded practitioners' dispensaries around the world.

Udo's contribution to the fields of health and nutrition, along with his pioneering work to establish standards of quality for oil manufacture will continue to benefit humanity for decades to come.