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What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that comes in many different forms. In addition, it's an antioxidant that protects the cells in our body from free radicals and their effect on our skin. Free radicals cannot only damage our skin, but they can also lead to cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Research has been taking place to determine if Vitamin E can help prevent these diseases. Vitamin E usually comes in the form of capsules, gels and oils. While the capsules are ingested and swallowed, the gels and oils are applied directly to the skin like lotion.

The health benefits of vitamin E range include skin enhancement, wound healing, immune function, and protection against various diseases. Also called alpha-tocopherol, vitamin E is believed to reduce cholesterol and plaque buildup, reducing the risk of stroke and coronary artery disease (CAD).

Vitamin E as an Antioxidant:
Oxygen is one of the primary components of nature that supports life. The same oxygen, when inside the body, through certain molecules, becomes overly reactive and starts causing damage through the formation of free radicals. This is called oxidative stress. Vitamin E, as an antioxidant, helps prevent oxidative stress, thereby preventing cell damage and aging of the cells.

Vitamin E is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant in helping to eliminate free radicals that will damage and impair our immune system. Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that attack molecules in our body while they're destroying electron, which results in the chemical structures in our body being modified. Vitamin E is also very effective in protecting our skin from the damage it can get from ultraviolet rays from spending too much time in the sun. This is the main reason why so may skin care products are made with Vitamin E.

Sources of Vitamin E:
Vitamin E has many other benefits for our body. It can help your bladder as well as help against developing prostate cancer and heart disease. Doctors are also linking Vitamin E with being able to slow down the process of Alzheimer's disease. It is very easy to find as it is in almost all leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuces.

Vitamin E is also in fish, nuts whole grains, wheat germs and many different vegetable oils. Most of us consume a certain amount of Vitamin in on a daily basis without realizing it just by the foods we consume. It's important to remember, however, that just because we are consuming them daily doesn't mean we're getting the recommended dosage.

Vitamin E as a Supplement:
Vitamin E can be taken as a supplement in pill form or as a liquid, although this should not be taken without the advice of your doctor first. It's important with any kind of vitamin that you follow the recommended dietary allowances (RDA), which are usually right on the back of the bottle. Your doctor may also have his own recommended amount for you based on your health, age and sex. What's the right dosage for one person may not be right for someone else.

Side Effects:
Vitamin E is not very toxic so, fortunately, you see very few cases of overdosing with Vitamin E from the foods you eat. However, if you were taking Vitamin E supplements and took more than 3,000 IU, you could cause toxicity, which would result in certain symptoms such as diarrhea, intestinal cramps, double vision, muscle weakness and fatigue.

Before taking any supplements, it's important to make sure they don't contradict with any other vitamins or medications you're taking. For instance, Vitamin E tends to deplete the supply of Vitamin you may be taking, which can interfere with blood clotting. For this reason, they recommend you keep the maximum dose of Vitamin E to 1,000 IU per day. In addition, Vitamin E should be taken with Vitamin C, B3, selenium and glutathione so Vitamin E will remain active. For these reasons, it may be best to take a multivitamin that has all the required supplements in one pill.

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