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What is Wheat Grass?

Wheatgrass is the young wheat plant. It is one of the most widely used supplemental health foods today. It is a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and enzymes.

Health Drinks:
People are beginning to realize the importance of eating healthier and the positive benefits that are derived from a healthy diet. The benefits are many and studies have shown that individuals who eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals suffer less health problems and can even live longer lives.

One of the very latest health trends is healthy drinks and ranking very high in that category is wheatgrass. The name itself may not sound very appealing but there's no denying that the benefits of wheatgrass are hard to ignore.

Benefits & Uses:
Wheat grass juice possesses what is known as chlorophyll, the pigment present in plants that contains magnesium and high reserves of oxygen. So, what makes it so beneficial? Wheat grass juice is rich in vitamins and minerals that can be possibly consumed by everyone who desires to revive the lost balance within the human body. Once the wheat grass juice has been taken, one can surely enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

Wheat grass juice has been widely known to be the plasma of youth because of its capacity to rejuvenate a downtrodden physique. Not only do plants benefit from this "life blood," but so do humans. Due to the hectic and complicated way of life these days, the imbalance of particular enzymes, nucleic acids, hormones, vitamins, and nutrients are developed. This can be remedied, however, by drinking wheat grass juice.

When health is the prime concern, it is always a must to have the toxins excreted from the body. For this and other reasons, wheat grass and its juice can aid in the restoration of one's nourishment, vitality, and youthful vigor.

For Cancer:
Probably the most heralded benefits of wheatgrass it is believed to be a cancer fighting agent. Many people strongly believe that the benefits of wheatgrass on cancer are real and that consuming wheatgrass can help in the treatment and even in the prevention of cancer. Cancer, along with heart disease are our biggest killers so anything that aids in preventing them is seen as a positive.

For High BP:
Another benefit of consuming wheatgrass is that it lowers blood pressure. There are many medications regularly prescribed to individuals who have high blood pressure. Many medications can have unpleasant side effects and one of the benefits of wheatgrass is that there are no side effects because of the fact that wheatgrass is completely natural. This is a great alternative for those individuals that suffer from high blood pressure.
For Digestive system:
Wheatgrass is also very effective in helping an individual's digestive system and can be seen as an effective and flushing toxins from the system.

Cosmetic benefits:
There are some cosmetic benefits of wheatgrass. It is also believed that wheatgrass actually retards or slows the graying of hair. And of course with our youth crazed culture this is definitely a desirable that.

It can also be seen as an effective fighter of tooth decay. Your teeth are the focal point of your smile and when they sparkle and shine you are presenting your best self to the world.

A definite negative of wheatgrass is the taste. Truth be told, it really doesn't taste good at all. Many people dont find the taste of wheatgrass appealing and even though its consumed in small doses, it can be a struggle to take it. But you can get around this by adding wheatgrass to another, more pleasant tasting drink to make it more appealing.

There are several nutritional drink companies that offer wheatgrass as an ingredient in a smoothie. The benefits of wheatgrass in this form are that the taste is disguised and you have a much easier time ingesting it. Another thing to keep in mind is the one you drink wheatgrass you do it in small doses.

The benefits of wheatgrass are many and really the only negative does it taste, but that's not the worst thing in the world as it? Although it should never be seen as a substitute for a balanced diet, the benefits of wheatgrass consumption can go a long way in offering you greater health. Drinking fresh wheatgrass juice is an exceptional way to increase dark green leafy vegetables in the diet. (At this early stage of the plant's life it is considered a vegetable rather than a grain and is safe for gluten-sensitive individuals.)

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