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What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is a high quality powder made from cows milk. Cows milk is made up of two proteins casein (80%) and whey (20%). The whey is called the Gold Standard of protein as it is scientifically proven to be the most nutritious protein available. It is also more soluble than casein and has a higher quality rating. It is all-natural, high-quality product that contains little to no fat, lactose or cholesterol and is a rich source of essential amino acids. In its purest form, whey protein isolate, it provides benefits for men and women of all ages, including infants and toddlers.

Health benefits:
It promotes weight loss by enabling a dieter to reach a feeling of fullness faster than consuming any other form of protein. Whey protein is a very high-quality complete protein with rich amounts of all the essential amino acids. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey protein, which is why it is absorbed so quickly and efficiently into the body.

For body builders:
Whey isolate, just like whey protein, has numerous body building benefits associated with it. It includes branched chain amino acids that are essential to building and maintaining muscle tissue. While you are building muscle, damage is also being done to those muscles, and whey protein is what is needed to replace what your muscles are losing, which in turn makes your body building efforts pay off better. Essentially, of all of the sources of protein out there, whey protein is at the top of the list in terms of how good it is for you, with isolate being at the very top of that list.

What is WPI & WPC:
Often seen written as WPI, meanwhile Whey Protein Concentrate is written as WPC. Although they are both considered Whey, they vary in their composition and the manufacturing processes involved in their production. The Isolate formula undergoes no heat treatment; therefore the protein is un-denatured and retains its nutrients. Its short chains and peptides make it available for absorption within ten minutes of ingestion sometimes.

Whey protein is a nutritionally complete protein. It contains bioactive ingredients, like immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, which help support the immune system. Athletes prefer whey protein to soy protein due to its rich abundance of branched-chain amino acids and its quick absorption rate. These are important to help repair and rebuild muscles after a workout or competitive event.

Whey protein is not a by-product of making cheese as originally thought, but rather, it is a co-product of the cheese-making process. Whey protein isolate is the most pure form of protein there is, containing almost no fat or lactose. Whey protein is a high-quality complete protein, with all the essential amino acids. Whey protein is also the richest known source of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids.

Whey protein has a fresh, neutral taste and will not change the taste of foods you add it to. Whey protein does not contain isoflavones or any other components with potential hormonal effects. Compared to other proteins, on a gram-to-gram basis, whey protein isolate delivers more essential amino acids to the body but without the fat or cholesterol. Nutrition experts recommend a diet with a variety of protein foods but for optimal results make sure that one of them is whey protein.

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