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What is White Wild Yam?

Wild yam is a plant native to both North and Central America. As with many other herbal remedies, it is the root of the plant exclusively that is used for therapeutic purposes.

Its history of use spans back to the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs, who used it primarily for alleviating pain.

Nowadays an extract of this herb is widely used by Europeans and people over much of the world for a variety of medicinal purposes.

How can it benefit you?
Wild yam extract is often used today as a PMS remedy, and many patients using it have reported relief from menopausal symptoms.

From current understanding, it appears to contain constituents—for example, a substance called diosgenin--that allows it to imitate certain hormones, such as progesterone, thereby helping correct hormonal imbalances in the body. This is the speculated mechanism by which wild yam works as a PMS remedy and other menopausal symptoms.

Additional health benefits:
Today, many body builders use Wild Yam as part of the process as it contains chemicals that aid in the production of healthy hormones. It has also been used to treat hormonal conditions.

Women's health:
the herb is used as well in other things such as creams and chemical solutions derived from it are used in treating several problems related to menstruation. For example, extracts from the yams are believed to be able to stimulate the ovaries allowing a balance of progesterone and estrogen to be produced alleviating symptoms of PMS or menopause. Creams derived from the yams are also used in soothing menstrual cramps as well as treat acute labor and post partum pain.

Wild Yam also can be therapeutic on many aspects of human health. For example it has therapeutic action on the health of the liver. Many feel that because it helps in stabilizing blood pressure and cholesterol levels that it indirectly contributes to the health of the liver as it decreases stress. If these processes are working properly, the liver won’t have to do as much work as this organ acts as the body’s stabilizer.

Elements derived from Wild Yam have also been effective in treating muscle pains for both body builders and menstruating women. Creams made using the elements of the herbs are also good at reducing muscle inflammation. Studies are being done in labs to further learn about the healing qualities this herb possesses. After it has been made apparent, the doctors will then appreciate what it can contribute to medicine.

In 1936, Japanese researchers discovered glycoside saponins in many types of Wild Yams. These elements were then able to be converted into the steroid known as steroid saponins, primarily diosgenin. These agents are then used to create the hormone progesterone, an intermediary in cortisone production.

Precautions on Wild Yam Extract:
There is no known toxicity with wild yam that we are aware of, and it appears to be a very safe herbal remedy. However, nausea and diarrhea have been reported in those who take excessive levels.

Pregnant women, as with many other supplements, should err on the side of caution and refrain from using it.

Overall, Wild yam extract is an interesting herbal alternative for PMS remedy.

Wild yam has been used as an expectorant for people with coughs. It was also used for gastrointestinal upset, nerve pain, and morning sickness. Eventually, it was discovered the saponins from wild yam could be converted industrially into cortisone, oestrogens, and progesterone-like compounds. Wild yam and other plants with similar constituents continue to be the main source of these drugs.

The steroidal saponins (such as diosgenin) account for some of wild yam’s activity. Another compound, dioscoretine, has been shown in animal studies to lower blood sugar levels. An extract of wild yam was found to have antioxidant properties. It has also been shown to raise HDL, the “good,” cholesterol. Wild yam is also considered to be a strong antispasmodic and is potentially anti-inflammatory.

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