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What is Yohimbe?

Yohimbe comes from certain trees on the African continent, and has long been touted to have properties which help libido, and therefore erection problems.

As more and more people choose to veer away from chemically processed solutions, Yohimbe is popular as a natural alternative.

It works by dilating the blood vessels, which increases circulation.

This happens particularly in the pelvic area, and the extra blood on that region fuels sexual desire and allows more blood to the erection.

Why Yohimbe:
There are plenty of male sexual enhancement products now on the market. Many claim to boost testosterone levels, to increase sexual pleasure, to elevate the libido and more. There are even products on the market that claim to increase the length and width of the penis. We have discovered there are plenty of products that make unrealistic promises and plenty more that are incapable of delivering their advertised benefits.

This does make it hard to determine what products on the market are actually capable of enhancing performance and sexual enjoyment, so we suggest taking a look at what the product contains in order to ensure quality. This is why we will take a closer look at Yohimbe, which is an ingredient that may often be found in male sexual aids now on the market.

Ingredient at glance:
This ingredient is actually a bark extract that may be found in parts of Africa. It is known to stimulate sexual desire and thought to help boost the libido. It is also thought to be an effective aphrodisiac for both genders, but when it comes to male sexual enhancement, it may also help strengthen erections.

Ingredients in Focus

The way this ingredient can enhance erections is by improving circulation. Blood flow is actually very important to generating firm erections, and this bark extract has been shown to increase blood flow to the genitals and directly to the penis shaft. This increase in blood may help make the penis much harder and also allow men to maintain firmer erections for a longer amount of time. This increase in blood may also make the penis more sensitive to touch and actually increase overall pleasure for the man.

We do want to note that we feel Yohimbe works best when contained in a comprehensive, quality formula. While this ingredient may help boost the libido and generate firmer erections, it cannot address all male sexual concerns on its own. It seems to work especially well when paired with a powerful testosterone booster, which may work to improve sexual stamina and overall performance.

Consumer Reviews:
The independent consumer reviews we came across for this ingredient were quite positive. Though, we did notice that the most positive reviews were for products that combined this ingredient with Tribulus Terrestris, which is another natural ingredient found in male sexual aids. Tribulus can work to elevate testosterone levels and makes a powerful addition to formulas that already contain this African bark extract.

May boost the libido
Positive consumer reviews posted online
Ingredient may increase blood flow to the penis
May help increase sensitivity of the penis
Said to help users maintain firmer erections for a longer amount of time

Ingredient appears to work best when combined with Tribulus
May be found contained in some low quality formulas

In the end, we are fans of Yohimbe Bark Extract and do feel this natural ingredient may provide men some powerful benefits when it comes to sexual enhancement. Again, this ingredient has not only been shown to stimulate the sexual drive, but it may also help men gain firmer, harder erections.

Since we do feel that this ingredient works best in quality products, we suggest men research a product before use to ensure quality. Those consumers who would like to learn more about this bark extract should click on the links below, as may be able to provide additional insight into this ingredients enhancing abilities.

Action Labs Yohimbe

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